Mobile App Early Release

Welcome to the AchieveIt mobile app early release. You’ve been selected to participate in this early release because we believe that the mobile app will provide you and your team with value, and that you’ll be able to provide us with helpful feedback. Your feedback will help us build a more intuitive, useful app for all of our customers.


How Early Release Works

Download the app through the Apple Store. As you interact with the app, send feedback either to or directly to your customer success manager. Feedback can be small (I like how this interaction works!) or big (There’s a major bug on this screen!). We’ll also schedule a call with you after you’ve had the chance to use the app for a while to have a more in-depth conversation.

What’s Included in the App

The first version of the app is intended to help you view and update your plan items:

  • Make progress updates
  • Add comments to items
  • View items that are due today
  • View items that are due this week
  • View items that are overdue
  • View items that have pending updates
  • View all items that have at-risk or off-track statuses
  • View plan items to which you have access
  • View plan items that are assigned to you
  • View your saved searches


What’s Not Included

In this version of the app, you won’t be able to build new plans, add or delete plan items, or edit plan items (beyond providing status updates). You also won’t be able to manage users, even if you have user management permissions. We currently don’t support push notifications.

Mobile Support

Have questions, or run into bugs? Open a ticket or email us at

Rating Guidelines

During the early release, please send us feedback directly, rather than rating the app. We’d like to avoid ratings during early release, since we know that we’ll need to make improvements before general release.