Submit a Progress Update

The Value of Progress Updates 

Progress updates are a core function of the AchieveIt platform, automating and streamlining your data collection efforts into a seamless cadence of communication. Providing a progress update within AchieveIt allows you to provide both qualitative and quantitative information about work on your plan item, stored in a single source of truth. Progress updates allow for metric data to be joined with commentary from those closest to the work in order to allow for real-time visibility into every user’s work and progress. 

How do I provide a Progress Update?  

There are two methods to provide a progress update: via the automated AchieveIt notification email or directly within the plan item 

Providing an Update Via Email

1.   From the AchieveIt notification email, select the 'Click to Update All' button. 


2.  Update the status and metric (if applicable) for your item, then provide a comment for context. A meaningful comment always relays information about recent action taken on your work, as well as the next steps you intend to complete. If you are a member of multiple plans (and owe updates for multiple plans), you will be able to make all your updates on this page.  



Note: it is rarely necessary to edit the Apply This Date field as the system automatically populates the last date of your reporting period; however, in the event you do need to overwrite the date it is important to understand that you will not be able to select a date outside the requested reporting period. The reporting period is always listed directly to the left of the Apply This Date field:   




Providing an Update Within AchieveIt


1.  Select the plan item that you want to update. 

2.  If there is an outstanding request, always satisfy a requested update first. You will see an outstanding update request in your plan item timeline. Simply click the appropriate ‘Status’ and include context within the 'Progress Comment' before clicking 'Submit':  

If no request is outstanding, you can always provide an unsolicited update for additional context outside your normal update frequency. Simply click ‘Update Progress’ in the top of your plan item card:  

3.  Select the date that applies to the update. Update your status and metric (if applicable), then add a comment to provide context for your update.

4.  Click 'Submit' to complete your update.