Due Date Notification Settings

As part of AchieveIt’s Notification Settings, you can decide whether or not you’d like your assigned-to users to receive notifications related to the due dates of their items.

There are three types of due date notifications: approaching due date, due today, and past due. If you turn on more than one type of due date notification, your user will receive a single email containing all of their due date notifications.

If the user does not have any items due, past due, or approaching their due date, they will not receive an email.


Approaching Due Date

This setting allows you to select how many days before the due date you’d like assigned-to users to be notified. The maximum number of days is 180. In the example above, the user would receive notifications 5, 15, and 30 days before their items are due.

Due Today

Turn this setting on to ensure your assigned-to users receive a notification on the item’s due date.

Past Due

Select this notification for users to receive notifications when an item has passed its due date without being marked in a completed status (Achieved, Not Achieved, or Cancelled). In the example above, the user would receive those notifications every Friday. To increase urgency of past due items, we recommend selecting more than one day per week, to keep it top of mind for your assigned-to users.

Setting Up Due Date Notifications

Select Notification Settings from the Admin drop down menu at the top of your screen:



Here you can update your organization's default notification settings for all potential frequencies. These frequencies will include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly.


You can also select your default notification settings for Grace Period, Late Update Reminders, and what time of day you want the update emails to be emailed.


Overriding These Settings at the Plan and Plan Item Levels

By default, all plans and plan items will inherit these settings. If you would like to override these settings, you have the option to do so on a plan or plan item level.

This means you can customize notification settings for each plan, and for individual plan items.

To Override Settings at the Plan Level or Plan Item Level

  1. Open the top plan card if overriding for the entire plan or the individual plan item if overriding for one specific plan item.
  2. Select the Calendar icon under the Schedule and Assignment section.
  3. Select Use Custom Settings at the top of the window that pops up.


  1. Select the desired notification settings for this plan or plan item.