How to use Dependencies

What are Dependencies?

If you’re familiar with project management, you’re likely familiar with the concept of dependencies. Dependencies operate the same way in AchieveIt: where Item A must be complete before you start Item B. Therefore, Item B is dependent on Item A.

Setting up Dependencies

  1. Select the plan item that will have another item dependent upon it. In this example, we’re building a house. We have two steps in our current plan: framing the walls and pouring the foundation. Framing the walls is dependent upon pouring the foundation. Therefore, we’re going to open the ‘Pouring the Foundation’ card, and input our Start and Due Dates.

  1. Next, we’ll open our ‘Framing the Walls card, and select ‘Dependent On’.

  1. This opens a portal that allows us to select the “dependent upon” item; in this case, pouring the foundation.

  1. Once we click the checkmark button to save, you’ll see the Start Date is automatically set for the day after the completion of the Pouring the Foundation plan item. The Due Date is automatically set for one day past that, so you may need to adjust the Due Date for your project.

Limitations of Dependencies

Currently, when you set up a dependency in which Item B is dependent upon Item A, if the first item (Item A) is completed early, and you pull in the due date, it will not automatically pull in the start date of the dependent item (Item B).

Dependencies also cannot currently be uploaded in the Excel plan template, they must be set within the web app.