Add Editors to a Custom Dashboard

Once you have created your own custom dashboards, you can share them with your team. You can also add editors to your custom dashboard. These users will be able to edit any item on your custom dashboard to which they have access (i.e., of which they are a member or administrator).

NOTE: Only Full Access user types can create and share custom dashboards, but all user types can receive those dashboards.

How to add editors to your custom dashboard

1.   Navigate to the Dashboard drop down menu in the upper left corner, then choose the custom dashboard to which you'd like to add editors.

Create Dashboard.png

2.   Select the 'Edit Dashboard Details' button (the pencil and paper icon) in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Custom Dashboard Icons.png

3.   The edit screen will appear. You can add as many editors to your dashboard as you'd like.

In the example below, we're sharing the Dashboard with Pia Adolphsen and Amanda Ferenczy.


4.   Click 'Save' to share.