All New: Users page


We are happy to announce the new version of the Users page in the Admin section.

Note: This page is only accessible to User Managers

The new Users area design and layout has changed along with the follow new and improved features:

  • Filtering - User Managers will now have the ability to filter the user list on attributes such as Status, Email Address, User Type, Team association, etc.
  • Custom column layout - Just like List View and MultiPlan View, you can now set which columns you would like to see as well as the order.
  • User Profile modal - This modal shows over the main user list will display all the user details and let you perform actions on a user.
  • Unlocking a user - User Managers can now unlock users who get themselves into a Locked state due to consecutive failed password attempts.
  • Reactivating a user - Now when you reactivate a user, the system prompts you to choose a user type for the individual.
  • Importing users - The system will now show a preview of the import data and will highlight errors in the import document. We've implemented the same functionality in the Plan Import process.



You can now filter the user list on more attributes than just name, including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • User Status (Active, Deactivated, Locked)
  • User Type
  • Teams
  • Additional Filters
    • User Managers

When you first enter the Users page, the list of users displayed will only include Active users (indicated with a chip in the Summary Bar). If you want to see Deactivated or Locked users, you will need to include them in the User Status filter.

User Profile Modal


User Managers can now see more relevant information for their users. Now, the User Profile Modal is shown over the User list which will display information such as User information and User Assignments.

  • User Assignments - This will display the User Type, Admin Roles, and Team Association.

User Status Messaging

We’ve added additional messaging at the top of the modal to indicate that a user is Deactivated, Disabled, or Locked:




You can now see in the user list whether a given user’s account is locked due to too many consecutive failed login attempts. You can then unlock that user by clicking into the triple dot menu either at the top of the User Profile modal or on the row for that user in the user list.


Before when re-activating a user, the User Admin would have to assign a user type after completing the action. Now, when a user is re-activated the User Admin will be prompt by a modal to assign a user type before the user is re-activated.


Customize Column Layout


You can now customize the columns that are displayed on the Users page and the order in which they’re shown. You can also freeze up to a column and sort by most columns in the user list. Once the you set the columns and ordering, it will remain that way for them every time the log into that organization until you make a change to it. The two columns not shown by default are Teams and Time Zone.

Importing Users


We've updated the import flow on the new Users page to match how Plans are imported into the system. After a valid file type is chosen, the system validates all required fields and data match requirements. If there are any errors, those are displayed in both a grid and list and the user can choose how they would like to view them. Error count and exact cell location are also displayed.