Achieveit Version 1.0 Release Notes

Things are getting very exciting here at Achieveit! Many months of hard work have helped us reach this day and to that end, we have a big announcement to make – the new Achieveit is here!

The new Achieveit is a radical improvement over our current product. In setting out to redesign our application, our goal has been to build tools that allow our clients to set the standard for Enterprise Collaboration.  Managers who leverage our technology will find it much easier to take their company to higher levels of performance.

Highlights of our New Application
  • We understand that building great companies starts with creating clarity within an organization.  With the new Achieveit, we have created a Visible Plan Hierarchy™ that enables all team members to quickly understand a company’s mission, vision, and related strategies and tasks.  Each team member can see how their activities are contributing to the organization’s strategic goals.
  • Once clarity is created, managers need to enable visibility up and down their organization.  With the new Achieveit, team members will easily be able to see which strategies and projects are on track and which one are falling behind.  And, we have created an easy-to-use sorting function that allows team members to quickly assess the work of individuals, teams, divisions, and the entire organization.
  • Clarity and visibility enable accountability and while our software will never be able to hold your team members accountable, it will empower managers to assess in real-time how effective their teams are in executing a strategic or project plan.  Managers who use the new Achieveit will have everything they need to take their company to a new, higher level of performance.
  • Previous software versions provided for no flexibility and users were forced to use a specific plan hierarchy.  The new Achieveit was built to be completely flexible.  Make as many levels of your plan as you need and name them whatever you want.  Link plans together, see the plan in a visual way and also in a list.  Filter assignments in any way that meets your needs.  The rigidness is gone and replaced with ultimate plan flexibility.
  • Building a plan has never been easier.  With our new drag and drop functionality you can quickly add new items and reorganize real time as you are building the plan.  Not sure where something goes?  Put it in the parking lot to be added to the plan at a later time or once more of the plan has been built out.  Updating the plan is just as easy and intuitive.
  • We want our software to fit seamlessly in the natural workflow of your operations so that we can help you achieve broad organizational participation.  That is really the only way to get to get your entire organization aligned and rowing in the same direction.  With the new Achieveit, we have created a state-of-the-art email interface that enables employees to update their tasks and projects in their normal email process without having to log into the application.
Thank you from all of us at Achieveit and stay tuned for the latest and greatest!
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