Achieveit Version 1.1 Release Notes

Achieveit has been updated to Version 1.1. The new features are below:

  • Licensing and Permissions: Added the ability to setup different licenses each with their own permissions that control which areas of the application users have access to. By default each Organization will have Full Access, Contributors, and External Contributor Licenses configured. We now have the ability to add additional license types for all Organizations or new licenses for a single organization.
  • Ability to mass add users by uploading an Excel file.
  • Users can now be a part of more than one Organization. Users will be prompted to choose an organization when logging in.
  • ZenDesk integration: Users can find answers to common questions or even submit support tickets directly within Achieveit.
  • List View Show All Children filter: Allows users to filter items in the list view then choose to see all child item below those filtered items.
  • Admins can now add users.
  • Organization Dashboard pie charts replaced using a different charting library to hopefully fix a bug with the previous charts.
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