Achieveit Version 2.0 Release Notes

Version 2.0 Release Notes


New Features

  1. Custom Dashboard
    • Ability for users to create their own custom dashboards
    • Users can add any number of various widgets including: line charts, bar charts, gauges, and pie charts.
    • Users can export the dashboard to PDF
    • Users can schedule a PDF rendering of custom dashboards to be emailed.
  2. Gantt View
    • Users can view single plans as a Gantt chart
  3. Metric View
    • Users can view single plans with tiles for every item that has a metric.
    • Tiles can be viewed as line charts, bar charts, labels and gauges
  4. New Card Modal
    • Usability enhancements
    • Checklists: Users can create any number of checklists each with any number of items.
    • File Check In/Check Out: Users can check out files which prevents others from updating that file.
    • Progress Update Request: Users can request a progress update from the Assigned To user.
  5. New “My Dashboard”
    • New Layout
    • Ability to filter by pending updates, due date, status and tags
    • Ability to see:
      1.  Your assigned items
      2.  Items you've assigned to others
  6. Ad-Hoc Items
    • Users can create new items without those items being part of a plan
    • Ad Hoc items can me moved to a plan later
    • Ad-Hoc items will appear on a user’s “My Dashboard” page
  7. Notifications
    • Users will receive notifications when they are Assigned To or a Member of a plan item
      2. Progress Updates
      3. Progress Update Requests
      4. File uploads
      5. New Assignments
    • Users can choose how they receive each notification from their Profile page
      1. In App
      2. Instant Email
      3. Daily Digest Email
    • Users can view all their unread notifications in the new Notification Center by clicking the inbox icon in the upper right corner of the top menu.


  1. List View Filters now has separate fields for Assigned To and Members
  2. The same Filters box that was only on the list view is now also available on the Metric and Gantt views.
  3. Users can choose which columns they want to see on the List View and Dashboards
  4. Multi-Plan View PDF report now shows exactly what is rendered in the browser
  5. List View PDF report now shows exactly what is rendered in the browser
  6. Word Reports have been removed. We were not able to format them correctly with the new features.
  7. Admin menu renamed to “Settings”
  8. “Admin” option under Settings->Users for users renamed to “User Manager”
  9. “Other Details” added to the “Settings” (gear) menu
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