How do I edit a plan item once it has already been created?


So you've created a plan item, but realize you need to modify it. That's ok - AchieveIt makes it easy to edit already created items in your plans.  



To edit an item, locate it within your plan from any view. Click the name of the item you wish to edit and bring up the item details menu. 




You have the ability to edit a variety of fields within your plan item, including: 

  • Metric Details
  • Plan Level
  • Description 
  • Dependency
  • Start and Due Dates
  • Assigned User
  • Update Frequency
  • Item Access, including Member and Admin access
  • Tags
  • Files
  • Checklists
  • Alignment of the item 

Locate and hover over the piece of information you would like to adjust, then click the ‘Edit’ pencil icon that will appear in the right-hand corner to go into Edit Mode.




Make your edits by clicking into the appropriate fields, then click the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right-hand corner to complete the change.