How do I update my progress?

Updating Your Progress  

Updating your progress during your projects life cycle is the best way to make sure your tasks stay ‘On Track’ or reaching that goal.

Step 1: How to update your progress  

A.   Select the card that you are trying to update

B.   For this example, we will be updating the progress of ‘Customer Satisfaction.’ As you can see it is currently “On Track”

C.   To update the progress , click ‘Update Status’ highlighted in blue


D.   Type in the date that the update became effective

E.    Change the status, for this example we will change it from ‘On Track’ to ‘Off Track’

F.    Update the metric

G.   You can also add a comment to the update to better inform how the objective is going, then click ‘Update Status’ to finalize the update


H.   After saving, you will see that the Status is now ‘Off Track.’ Click the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner to close the card item



Be sure to download the article that’s attached to this tutorial

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