Plan Implementation

Best Practices for Plan Implementation and Kickoff

Step 1: Assign Plan Items

In order to elevate execution, a single user must be assigned to each item, and held accountable for that item's progress.

To Assign a Plan Item to a User:

1.  Click on a Plan Item. The Plan Item Card will open. Under the Item Details tab, make sure the following have been filled out:

  • Plan item name
  • Current status

You can also add a description to further detail the plan item. 


2.  Under the More Options tab:

  • Pick who the item will be assigned to and any members that will support it.
  • The start and due date.
  • Any tags you want to use. Tags can be used to filter during searches and to create reports. 
  • The required update frequency. More details below.


For required updates, you can choose from weekly, monthly or quarterly updates, once you have assigned the item to a user.


Once you have made the plan active, the Assigned To person will start receiving emailed Progress Update Requests.

3.  Under the Metrics tab:

  • If there is a metric, choose what you want to measure: a number (#), dollar amount ($) or a percentage (%).


Step 2: Activate Your Plan

Once you have finished building out your plan and have assigned a person, a start and due date, and have chosen an email frequency for each item, it's time to activate the plan.

1.  Open the top Plan Item Card. It's important to choose the top card, or the highest level card. 

Business Plan.PNG

2.  Once the card has opened, you will see all the options to edit it.


3.  Just to the right of the status light you will see the plan state. Click the button to slide the plan state to 'Active'. It will automatically save once you have made the changes.