How do I assign someone a task?


Users can create new items without those items being part of a plan. These items are called Tasks, and can be moved to a plan later. Once you assign a task to someone (whether yourself or another user), it will appear on that user’s “My Dashboard” page.

How to Create and Assign a Task

1.   Under ‘My Dashboard,’ you will see all the items you are a part of. To create a task, navigate to the top right corner, and click the '+.'


2.   The ‘Add Plan Item’ screen will appear. You will fill out this card like you would when building out a plan item. You have the options of assigning the task to someone, choosing a start and due date, etc.. Click ‘Save’ to create and assign the task.


3.   If you are assigned a task while in the application, a pop-up notification will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can click on it to direct you to the task assigned to you.

You will also receive a notification in your notification center.


Once someone has assigned a task to you, the item will appear on your ‘My Dashboard’ screen.


Moving a Task to a Plan

1.   Open the Task. Under the ‘Alignment’ tab at the bottom, click the ‘Move to Plan’ button.


Here you can choose:

  • Which plan you want to place the item in
  • Which level of the plan you'd like to label the item as
  • Which parts of the plan that you want the item to be aligned with

2.   Click ‘Move’ to save your changes.


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