How do I add someone as an Admin to a plan?

Plan Card Admin

Plan card Admins are the only ones who can edit the plans details, such as changing the start and due dates. They also have the ability to update progress, add comments and upload documents. 

Step 1: Understanding plan admin

A.   Navigate to the top plan card. Once you are in the edit screen, then click on the ‘Admins’ drop down

B.   Note: You can add an ‘Admin’ to any card item, but they will have the power to edit the items from that card and anything below it. If you want editing powers for the entire plan, add the ‘Admin’ to the top plan card item


C.   Under the Admins tab, click ‘Add Admin’

D.   Admins that are already assigned to the plan (such as Ed, Oscar, or Mark) are the ones that can add additional Admins


E.   Add any user as an ‘Admin’ to give them the power to edit the card items for the plan à click ‘Add’ to save your changes

F.   Once you are an ‘Admin’ for the plan, you can then add additional Admins