How can I customize columns?

Customizing Columns

AchieveIt now allows you to pick and choose what items you want to view under your dashboard and under the List view for running reports.

Step 1: How customize your columns

A.   In your dashboard, you will see the ‘Show/Hide Columns’ button in the upper left hand corner. After selecting it, you will see all the options you can choose from

B.   If the boxes are checked, those columns will be shown

C.   If the boxes are unchecked, those columns will not be included


D.   You will also be able to access this button in the List view, under the plan of your choosing


E.   Once you are in the List view of your plan, you will see the ‘Show/Hide Columns’ button directly under the Bulk Edit button on the left hand side


F.   Here you will be able to add or take out any column items by checking or unchecking the boxes


G.  Once you have chosen the items you want, you can run a report of your specialized columns



 Be sure to download the article that's attached to this tutorial

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