How can I edit the level of a plan item?

Edit a Card Level  

If you’ve decided that the level of an item needs to be changed, you can do so once you open the card item.

Step 1: Changing the Level of a Card

A.   Navigate to the plan card you wish to change


B.   Once you have opened the card, navigate to the upper left hand corner and click ‘Edit’


C.   After you have clicked on the ‘Edit’ button, or pencil icon, a drop down menu will appear with all the available level names that were created for the plan. Choose a different level, then click the check mark

D.   If you want to add a level that hasn’t already been created, click the ‘Add New Level’ button


E.    An empty field box will appear. Type in the name of the level you want, then click the check mark button to save


F.    Once you have saved your new level, you will see it appear in the upper right hand corner

G.   After you close out of the card, the item will have a new level name, but will remain in the same spot within the plan until you move it (drag and drop or change the alignment)



Be sure to download the article attached to this tutorial.