Why does my item still show a late update even after an update has been submitted?

You’ve made an update to your item, but it's still showing the orange status light. If the item wasn't completed within the start and due date, or previous updates are overdue, the system will continue to display the orange status light. The orange status light will be removed after you mark that item 'Achieved', 'Not Achieved' or 'Canceled', or remove all previous overdue statuses. 

How to Remove the Orange Late Update Indicator

1.   When you are in your dashboard, you see all the items that are overdue, which will be flagged orange.

2.  Click the name of the item that is overdue. You will be directed to the edit screen.

3.   In the Item Timeline, note that there are several Pending Updates highlighted in orange.

4.   Click the 'Provide Update' button.


5.    You will be given the option to change the progress date, status light and metric (if tracking a metric). You also have the option to add a comment to provide context for your status. 


F.    Mark your item 'Achieved', 'Not Achieved' or 'Canceled' in order to signal that you have completed your item in some way.


6.   Once you have marked you item as 'Achieved', 'Not Achieved' or 'Canceled', the orange status light telling you the item is overdue will disappear. You also won't receive any further email notifications for this item.


NOTE: Once you have marked your item 'Achieved', 'Not Achieved' or 'Canceled', your timeline will indicate your most recent update. To remove any other orange highlighted fields in your timeline, click on the trashcan icon to delete past pending updates.