Metric, Add

Adding a Metric

A.  Go to the plan card item you wish to add a metric to, click on the blue wording

B.  Once in the View Plan Item screen, navigate to the right hand side of the card under Metric and click the wording that says 'Start Tracking a Metric'


C.  The options for tracking a metric will appear


D.  You have many options to track your metric:

  • The Metric Unit can be:
    • A dollar amount ($)
    • A percentage (%)
    • A number (#)
  • The Metric Tracking can be:
    • It will go from...
    • It will be above...
    • It will be below...
    • It will be maintained between...
  • The Roll up will be:
    • Updated directly
    • Will be the sum of its children's values (will roll up every card underneath this card)
    • Will be the average of its children's values
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