What is a Capabilities Gap Analysis?

In order for strategic planning to be effective, the organization needs a strong foundation on which to build goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. A Capabilities Gap analysis allows the organization to assess its foundation to determine if there are any key components that need to be addressed prior to implementing a certain product or strategy.

1.   To begin to create a Capabilities Gap, head over to the Pre-Planning tab in the upper left hand corner, then click the 'Capabilities Gap Setup' button.


2.   Once you are directed to the Capabilities Gap screen, click 'Add New Session'.


3.   It will prompt you to name the Capabilities Gap, then click 'Add' to add and name voting options.


4.   You will be given 30 capabilities that are important to the success of the organization. These capabilities are rated as to their current level of importance to the organization, as well as their level of development.

5.    You can delete the levels that do not apply to your organization.


6.    If you want to add something that isn’t already provided, click the 'Add Level' towards the bottom.


7.   Once you have picked the levels you want users to vote, click 'Save', then click 'Open Voting'.


Once you have opened up voting, the chart will appear empty.


When each user goes into the Capabilities Gap Voting Session, they will able to choose from the options that you selected or added.

They will be asked to provide two rankings, one for Importance and the other for Developed.


8.   All they need to do is drag and drop to the Your Rankings area, then rank order their selected capabilities. 


They will need to click 'Save' to continue.


After Voting is Complete

After your users have saved their choices, you will see the two tabs under the Capabilities Gap heading. Click on the ‘Rank Developed’ tab to make your choices


The results of the assessment are plotted on a 2x2 chart, with the four quadrants labeled Ignore, Maintain, Fix, and Leverage.

Interpreting the Results of Your Capabilities Gap Analysis

Capabilities in the Ignore quadrant are least important and least developed. Capabilities in the Maintain quadrant are least important and most developed. Capabilities in the Fix quadrant are most important and least developed. And capabilities in the Leverage quadrant are most important and most developed.

The Fix quadrant contains those capabilities that deserve extra attention. You should evaluate strategies and tactics designed to move these capabilities into the Leverage quadrant.


To Close Voting

To close the voting, click the 'Settings' button in the upper right hand corner.


Click the 'Close Voting' button to end the session.



NOTE: You cannot link a capabilities gap to any plans.

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