User Permission Levels

All plans are permission-based, which means you only have access to the plans you have been assigned access to. By default, every user has initial permission to view any of the information in AchieveIt assigned to them, and the ability to update any assignments they have been given. To be able to participate in other activities, they must be granted permission by the administrator.

Full Access Users

Have permission to edit card items, add plans and access all dashboards. These users are also the only only ones who have access to print out reports, become user managers, and create custom dashboards.


Have permission to view the plans that they are a part of and are able to provide status updates for the items assigned to them.

External Contributors

Have permission to view 'My Dashboard' and will receive emails to make progress updates for the items assigned to them, or that they are a member of. They CANNOT, however, see the organization’s plans or dashboards. 

Default Settings

The following are the default settings for each permission level.