Add a Plan


In AchieveIt, you can create as many plans as your organization would like. Here’s how to create a new plan

How to Create a New Plan

1.  Navigate to the ‘Plans’ tab – then select ‘+ Create New Plan.’ You will be directed to the Plan Details Page

2.  The required fields that you need to fill out have a red asterisk next to it. Fill in:

  • Your plan name under the Plan Title field
  • Add a start and end date associated to the plan
  • Designate a Plan Administrator - this person is in charge of creating the cards associated to this plan and are the only ones who can Edit Item Details
  • Under the Plan State, choose whether the plan should be ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ (Until the plan is complete and ready to be shared with your members, we suggest to keep your plan ‘Inactive’ – This way the reminder emails do not get sent out prematurely)

3.  On the right hand side you will notice a ‘Plan Levels’ section. This is the terminology that will be used for each level of your plan and will appear in the Item Library under the Tree view. The plan levels are customizable and there is no limit on how many you can create

4.  You have an option to import your plan from Excel. You can do so by downloading our Excel template, then filling the rows out accordingly (optional)

5.  Once you’re done filling out the fields, select ‘Create Plan.’ You will then be able to see your Plan Card in the Tree view