Create a Plan


You can create as many plans as needed to track your organization's critical work. Here’s how to create a new plan. 


To get started, click the Plans drop-down menu in your top navigation bar. Then click Create a New Plan.




Once you have clicked on the 'Create a Plan' button, the 'Create Plan' screen will appear:




Enter some basic plan information to get started (Required Fields denoted are in Bold):

  • Title – the name you'd like your plan to have, which will be displayed throughout the system and on reports.
  • Start Date – select a start date for your plan by typing the date or by clicking the calendar icon to the right and using the date selector.
  • Due Date – select an end date for your plan by typing the date or by clicking the calendar icon to the right. Note: if you select a start date, a due date will be required in order to continue.
  • Plan Administrator(s) – those users who will be able to add and build content to the plan. Only Full Access users can be administrators.
  • Plan State
    • Active – Plans will begin to immediately send out email alerts and notifications to the team members tied to the plan.
    • Inactive – Plans will not yet send out email alerts and notifications.

On the right-hand side of the plan creation page is a section named 'Plan Levels.' This is where you can customize your plan structure names and add as many or as few levels as you like.


Plan levels in new plan screen.PNG


NOTE: Goal, Milestone, and Assignment are the default level names that will always appear on the Create page. You can customize the existing names by overwriting them with your own unique terms, add more levels by clicking the 'Add Level' button or delete levels by clicking the 'X' icon next to each level.


Click the “Create Plan” button, and you will be redirected to the Tree View.




Although AchieveIt recommends creating plans directly within the platform for ease and simplicity, there is also the option to create plans by uploading via our standard import template. To access a copy of our import template, check the Import from Excel box at the bottom of the Create Plan page.



Once you have copied your data into our standard template, you can return to the Create Plan page and upload your file to create your plan. 


See the Full Access Guide for additional details on building out your new plan.