Gantt View

Gantt charts make is easier than ever to visualize a project's schedule, the start and due dates of plan card items, and dependencies between items. 

Understanding Gantt View

1.   To find the Gantt View for your plan, navigate to top right hand corner of the screen.


2.   Click on 'Gantt'.        


3.   Once you are directed to the Gantt View, you will see more filters. 


These filter options are similar to those seen in List View, and MultiPlan View.

Additional filters specific to Gantt View include:


  • Zoom in/zoom out to the overall plan or to magnify on a specific quarter
  • 'Plan Order': to show the start of plan items or the due date of plan items
  • 'Labels': you can choose to show or hide the item names according to their hierarchy
  • 'Draw Mode': if an item doesn’t have a start or due date, you can click on the chart to add a date to that item
  • 'Go to Today' will move the chart to today’s date

You can also filter out items using specific dates. Once you have filtered the items, you can download this Gantt View into a printable PDF document.

Gantt Chart more options 2.png

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