Gantt View

Gantt charts make it easy to visualize a plan or project schedule, the start and due dates of plan items, and dependencies between items.  

1.   To find the Gantt View, click on any plan and navigate to top right-hand corner of the screen. 


2.   Click on 'Gantt'.        


3.   Once directed to the Gantt View, options for filters will appear at the top of the screen.  


These filter options are like those seen in List View and MultiPlan View. 

Additional filters specific to Gantt View include: 


  • Zoom in/zoom out to show the timeline for the whole plan or to magnify a specific quarter 
  • 'Plan Order' allows you to change the order of plan items from the default ‘Plan Order’, which uses the plan item hierarchy, to order by Start or Due Date 
  • 'Labels' allow users to show or hide the item names on the far left of the screen. Item names will continue to display on the bars that stretch across the timeline canvas. 
  • Draw Mode' allows users to click on the chart to add dates to items that don’t have start or due dates, or to modify existing start and due dates 
  • 'Go to Today' will move the chart to today’s date 
  • ‘From’ and ‘To’ allows users move the timeline canvas to a specific date range. 
  • ‘Download’ allows users with the Reports permission (full access users) to download a PDF report of the Gantt View