Understanding Notifications

Users will receive notifications when they are Assigned To or a Member of a plan item. Users will receive notifications for comments, progress updates, progress update requests, file uploads or new assignments.

Understanding Notifications

A.   Users can view all their unread notifications in the Notifications panel by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner of the top menu. The notification icon displays how many items have been updated or edited. In this example, 2 items have been updated.


B.   When you click on the icon, the Notifications panel will appear displaying more details about recently updated plan items.


C.   You can click on each notification to open the corresponding plan item to view more details and respond to the notification if it's a request for an update.

D.   To go to the Notification Center to view all the items you are assigned to or a member of, click the "View all notifications" link at the bottom of the panel.

E.   Once directed to the All Notifications page, you can see what items have been modified, such as:

  • Who made the changes and at what time
  • Any recent comments that have been made
  • Status light changes
  • Documents that have been added


F.    Anything highlighted in blue are items that have yet to be read. You can ‘Mark All as Read’ to get rid of the red pop-up notifications


Changing your notification settings

Users can choose how they receive each notification from their Profile page.

A.   Open the profile menu by clicking on your initials in the right side of the navigation bar.


B.   In the notification setting screen, the default is for all instant emails to be off. If you wish to receive emails and in app pop-ups every time an update has been made, just click to turn them on

C.  The Daily Digest will send you an email letting you know once a day through email what has changed. You can also set the time to what you wish