AchieveIt allows users to add files to Plan Items. You can also check out files, which prevents others from downloading or updating that file until the file is checked back in. Stay on the same page (literally!) with version control capability.



Open the Plan Item to which you'd like to add a file. Under Files, click 'Add File' and upload your document.


Checking Out or Modifying Files

You can download any document attached to the item. If you are going to make any changes to the file, you can click on the 'Lock' icon to lock the document until you have made your edits.


Once you've made your changes, click on the 'Upload' icon to upload the modified document. It will add the new version without having duplicates of the same file.


If you want to see the history of the document, click on the 'List' icon to view when it was created and who uploaded it.


To delete any document, click the 'Trash Can' icon.