Users can create new items without those items being part of a plan. These tasks can be moved to a plan later. Once you are assigned a task, it will appear on your “My Dashboard” page. If you assign a task to someone else, it will appear on their "My Dashboard" page. 


How to Create a Task

1. In AchieveIt's navigation bar, click the ‘+’ to create a task.


2.   The ‘Add Plan Item’ screen will appear. You will fill out the card item like you would when building out a plan. You have the options of assigning it to someone, choosing a start and due date, adding Members, and adding Administrators. Note: If you want a user to be able to edit this Task, be sure to add them as both a Member and an Administrator.


3.   If you receive a task while in the application, a pop-up notification will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can click on it to direct you to the plan card item tasked to you.

You will also receive a notification in your notification center.


The task will appear in the ‘My Dashboard’ of the user the task was assigned to. 



How to Move a Task to a Plan (Available for Full Access Users Only)

1.   If you want to move the task to a specific plan, open the task card. Under the ‘Alignment’ tab in the bottom right-hand corner, click on the ‘Move to Plan’ icon. 


2.   Here you can choose:

  • Which plan you want to place the item in
  • Which level of the plan you want to place the item under
  • Which part of the plan that you want the item to be aligned with

3.   Click ‘Move’ to save your changes.


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