List View

List View 

List View provides the same info as Tree View in a tabular format so that you can quickly and easily filter, sort and arrange your data. The table below takes all the information that was in your Tree View and converts it to a table format. The nice part about the List View is that it gives you an easily skimmable, real-time overview of your plan’s performance. This allows you to proactively manage to your goals.



We have some great filters that allow you to start to answer those business questions that are critical for executing your business plan, such as which items are off track or at risk. You can identify what items are falling behind and coarse correct in real time. 

We can begin to manage by exception. You can review the Last Comments and have critical pieces of information in order to make business decisions on next steps.

No matter if it’s a filtered or unfiltered view, you can run a custom report of exactly what you see in either PDF, XLS, or Word/Rich Text Format by clicking the 'Download' button directly above the Actions column. 

Another great feature about the List View is the 'Bulk Edit' button found right above the Levels column. The Bulk Edit button allows you to make mass edits at the same time. 

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