List View Overview

List View provides the same info as Tree View in a tabular format so that you can quickly and easily filter, sort, review, and manage your data.

This view allows you to both easily skim and review your plan and the performance of your initiatives, as well as to manage the structure of the plan itself (assuming you're an admin of the plan). 



Filtering in List View


List View filters allow you to narrow down the information in your plan, so you can manage by exception and quickly identify items that are off track or at risk. You can quickly run through the assignments of a specific user, or view items that are tagged with a specific project group or department. You can review the Last Comments and have critical pieces of information in order to make business decisions on next steps.

Bulk Actions


Admins on the plan (or plan items admins) can request progress updates and bulk edit the items on which they are admins. Bulk Edit button allows you to make mass edits to items at the same time, while the bulk request progress updates allows you to generate multiple manual progress update requests at the same time. 


No matter if it’s a filtered or unfiltered view, you can run a custom report of exactly what you see in either PDF, Excel, or Word/Rich Text Format by clicking the 'Download' button in the gray Action Bar. 


You can also schedule List View reports to be delivered on a regular cadence from the Reports page.