Card, Delete

Deleting a Card

You can delete cards in both views. 

From the Tree View:

A. Select the card name (highlighted in blue)

B. Once the card opens up into the View Plan Item, click the 'Options' button in the top right hand corner of the card

C. Once the options appear, click 'Delete' 

From the List View:

A. Again, select the card name you wish to delete

B. The card will open, then click 'Options' in the top right hand corner 

C. Once the options appear, click 'Delete' 


You will not be able to delete a card with items below. You will have to delete all the items underneath before deleting the top card. 

If the Delete button is not available, it is either because the page has been locked by the administrator or you have not been given permission to delete items from that page.