Add a Metric


1.  Navigate to the Plan Item to which you'd like to add a metric. Click on 'Start Tracking a Metric' under the Metric drop down, on the right hand side of the card.

2.  You have several metric types and metric tracking types from which to choose.

For example:

  • The Metric Unit can be:
    • A dollar amount ($)
    • A percentage (%)
    • A number (#)
  • Metric Tracking can be:
    • It will go from... (The item will change from one number, dollar amount or percentage to another)
    • It will be above... (The item should stay above a number, dollar amount or percentage)
    • It will be below... (The item should stay below a number, dollar amount or percentage)
    • It will be maintained between... (The item should stay between two numbers, dollar amounts or percentages)
  • The Roll Up will be:
    • Updated directly
    • Will be the sum of its children's values (will roll up every card underneath this card)
    • Will be the average of its children's values

3.  You also have advanced metric tracking options, which you can select in the middle of the metric screen. Once you have completed all information, including the Current Value for the metric, select 'Save Metric Details'.