Add a Metric



Navigate to the Plan Item that you'd like to add a metric for and pull up the plan item's details. Once in the details menu, click the blue 'Create Metric' button in the top right-hand corner. 




After clicking the “Create Metric” button, the ‘Add Metric’ menu will appear. You can create either a Simple or an Advanced Metric. If you would like to learn how to set up an Advanced metric, please see the Creating an Advanced Metric article for details.


Complete a few fields of information to begin tracking a metric for your plan:

  • Metric Unit: a dollar amount, a percentage, or a number
  • Tracking Success: how you would like to track and visualize success for this metric. You can track: maintain between a baseline and target, stay above or below a baseline, or move from a baseline to a target value. Once selected, make sure to input your custom baseline and target values.
  • Metric Calculation: select whether the metric will be provided by the Assigned User with regular progress updates, or calculated automatically based upon other items' metric values.
  • Initial Value: Make sure to provide an initial starting value for your metric.




Once you have completed all information, including the Initial Value for the metric, click the 'Save Metric button.




Additional details about creating metrics can be found in the Creating a Simple Metric article.