Add a User

1.  Select the Settings gearwheel icon. In the Settings drop-down menu, select 'Users'. 

2.   On the left hand side, select the '+Add User' button.


3.  Fill out the user's email address, then click 'Next'.


4.  Lastly, you will need to:    

  • Add the user's first and last name.
  • Create an easy to remember password – such as Monday1234 or Password1234 (The first time the new users login to, they will be asked to change their password to their liking.)
  • Select the account type that the person will be assigned – whether Full Access, Contributor or External Contributor.
  • Select the desired time zone.
  • Click the '+ Add User' button to finish adding the user. 


Note: If you'd like to assign tasks or plan items to members of your organization, you must first add them as users. 

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