Delete a Team

When organization change or personnel change occur, and team structure changes, you may need to remove an existing team from AchieveIt 

How to Delete a Team 


1. Select the Admin menu then select the Teams option.


2.  Select the team you wish to delete on the left-hand side of the screen.


3.  In the top right-hand corner, click 'Delete Team'.


4.  A modal will appear that allows you to replace the soon-to-be-deleted team with a different team 

  • You will also see a summarized list of all the Plan Items where the team is an admin or a member. 
  • You will see all the Scheduled Reports that are being sent to the team you are deleting. 
  • Choose a replacement team if you’d like a different team to receive these reports or receive updates on these plan items. 


5.  Confirm you want to delete the team by clicking ‘Delete'. After you click ‘Delete’ the window will close and the team will no longer appear in the Teams list on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Note: If the Settings gearwheel icon is not available, it is because you are not a User Manager. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.