Re-Assigning Items

Re-Assigning User Items

You've decided to change who is responsible for a plan item and you want to add the new 'Assigned To.' Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1:

A.  Go to the plan you wish to edit

B.  Select the plan card item you want to change by clicking directly in the blue wording

C. Once the View Item Details screen appears, navigate to the 'Assigned To' tab. This is where you can edit the new 'Assigned To' person

D. Click on the name (highlighted in blue), then select the drop down menu and choose the appropriate person. You can also select the Required Email Frequency from weekly, monthly or quarterly


E. Click 'Assign' to save your changes, then close out of the View Item Details screen  



NOTE: The only person that can change the 'Assigned To' person is a Full Access user with Admin permission to that particular plan.