How to Edit a Plan Item

Editing a Plan Item

You've created a Plan Item, but realize you want to modify the plan Title, Due Date or Metric. There is a simple way to edit a Plan Item.


Step 1: Editing a Plan Card Item

Once you have selected the Item Plan Card you wish to change (by clicking on the blue wording), you will be directed to the ‘View Plan Item’ screen.

A.  You will be able to see the different fields (by expanding the arrow to the right) that you are able to customize to your liking such as:

  • Editing a metric
  • Modify the start and due date
  • Changing the assigned to user and the email frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Add or remove members 
  • Add or remove admins (which can only be done full access users)
  • Add or remove tags
  • Upload or check-in/check-out any files
  • Create a checklist on how you are going to achieve this goal
  • Edit the alignment



B. To edit/add the item level, title or description, click on the pencil icon to the right of the name