Create a Custom Dashboard

Users have the ability to create their own custom dashboards by adding various widgets, such as line charts, bar charts, gauges, and pie charts. Users can export dashboards into a PDF format. They can also schedule PDF renderings of custom dashboards to be emailed on either a one-time or a regularly scheduled basis.

NOTE: Custom dashboards can only be created by Full Access users and shared with other Full Access users. However, Contributors can receive a report of the custom dashboard via the Reports tab.

To learn how to create a custom dashboard watch the comprehensive video or follow the steps below: 

1.   Navigate to the Dashboard tab in the top navigation, then click '+ Create Dashboard'.

Create Dashboard.png

2.   The custom dashboard pop-up will appear. Name your dashboard.

Dashboard Name.png

3.   Once you have named your dashboard, the menu will direct you to the icons at the top right of your screen.

Custom Dashboard Main.png

The options include:

  • Add widget, such as bar charts, gauge wheels, line charts and pie charts
  • Edit dashboard details, such as changing the name or deleting the dashboard
  • Download PDF copy of your dashboard
  • Set to home page. You can set your custom dashboard to be the main dashboard you see when you first login to AchieveIt.

Custom Dashboard Icons.png

5.    Once you click on the ‘+’ to add widgets, the Widget option menu will appear. You will be able to select:

  • Source, whether it a single item, metric or plan; or multiple items, such as saved search filters, your assigned items or all of your plans
  • Widget name
  • Widget type

Widget Menu.png

6.    After you have chosen all of your widgets, click the 'Save' button. Your dashboard could look something like this:

Custom Dashboard.png


How to Schedule an Emailed Report of Your Custom Dashboard

1.   Navigate to the Reports tab in the main menu.


2.   Click on 'Custom Dashboard Report' to expand the options to schedule your report.


3.   Once you have selected the Schedule a Report Email, you will be able to:   

  • Group by teams, users, plans, tags, status and levels
  • Select the users you wish to send the email to on a scheduled basis
  • Write the subject line
  • Decide what time during the day you would like the email to be sent
  • Select the frequency; would you like the email to be sent Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly

Click 'Submit' to save your choices and schedule the report. 

 Custom Dashboard Report.png