Make Your Plan Inactive

The 'Inactive' plan state prevents your users from receiving automatic notifications and seeing the plan before it is complete. When you're building your plan, we recommend leaving the plan status as Inactive, so your Assigned Users won't receive email notifications too early in your planning process, creating confusion. 


For a New Plan

From the 'Create A Plan' page (located within your Plans drop-down menu), make sure to leave your plan in the 'Inactive' state under your 'Plan State' options. Your plan will be inactive while you finish building it. 




For an Existing Plan

Locate the plan you wish to de-activate, then open the top plan item that houses your plan's name from any view.




To the right of your plan's name at the top of the menu, you will see the plan state toggle switch. Click 'Inactive'. An alert will appear asking you to confirm this change. Click the white 'Confirm' button in the bottom right-hand corner.




Your plan is now Inactive and the new state will be reflected in the Toggle switch.