Mark a Plan as Inactive

The 'Inactive' plan state prevents your users from receiving email notifications. When you're building your plan, we recommend leaving the plan status as Inactive, so your 'Assigned-To' users won't receive email notifications before you're ready to begin plan execution.

For a New Plan

1.  You are creating a plan from scratch under the 'Create New Plan' screen (located in the Plans tab).

2.  Leave the plan marked 'Inactive' under 'Plan State'.

3.  Your plan will now be inactive while you finish building it.Inactive.png

For an Existing Plan

1.  Go to the plan you wish to change.

2.  Click on the top plan card.

3.  On right side of the card, just above the Metric tab, you will see the plan state slider. Click to slide the plan to 'Inactive.' The slider will grey out, as you can see in the image below.