Plan State, Inactive

Making your Plan Inactive

When you are building out your plan, we recommend you leave the plan statue to 'Inactive.' That way all the 'Assigned To' people won't get email notifications prematurely. There are 2 ways to make your plan Inactive:

Step 1: Building out a new plan

A.  You are creating a plan from scratch under the 'Create New Plan' screen (located in the Plans tab)

B.  After filling out the necessary fields, click 'Inactive' under the plan state

C.  Your plan will now be inactive from the start while you are building it out


Step 2: You have already created a plan, but want to change the plan state

A.  Go to the plan you wish to change

B.  Click on the top plan card

C.  Once the plan card item edit screen appears, navigate to the right side of the card

D.  Just above the Metric tab, you will see the plan state. Click to slide the plan to 'Inactive'



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