Plan State, Active

Activating your Plan

You have built out your plan and you’re now ready to put it into full effect. Here’s how to activate your inactive plan.

Step 1: How to make your plan active

Once you have finished building out your plan and have assigned a person, a start and due date, and have chosen an email frequency for each item, it's time to active the plan.

A.  Open the top plan card item 

Business Plan.PNG

B.  Once the card has opened, you will see all the options to edit a card


C.  Just to the right of the status light you will see the plan state. Click the button to slide the plan state to 'Active.' It will automatically save once you have made the changes




D.  The plan status may still be grey – meaning the plan “has not been started,” then navigate to “Update Status”

E.  Change the status field from ‘Not Started’ to ‘On Track,’ then click 'Save'

F.  The green status bar up top will indicate that you have activated the plan

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