What is a User Manager?

User Managers have the ability to:

  • Add, edit and delete users
  • Add, edit and delete teams
  • Set the Update Email Frequency schedule for their organization
  • Add their organization's logo
  • Turn on/off the option to display hierarchy numbering on plans

Creating a User Manager

1.   Select the Admin menu then select the Users option. 



2.  Next to each person’s name is a check box for ‘User Manager’. Click this box to select the user and make them a user manager.



What a User Manager Can Do

1.   Any or all users can be a User Manager. Once the user has been given permission, he or she can add new users, delete users or edit user information (such as resetting other user's passwords, edit their email addresses, or switch their license types).



2.   Under the ‘Team’ tab, User Managers can create teams within their organization.



3.   Under the ‘Progress Update Settings’ tab, User Managers can set the Update Email Frequency schedule for their organization to Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.



4.   They can also add their organization's logo to the organization's profile. They can also turn on or off the option to display hierarchy numbering on their organization's plans.