Checklists are an easy way to keep track of all the things you need to do to get things done. Keep in mind each card item can have its own separate checklist.


Step 1: How to create a checklist

A.   Open the card that you want to add a checklist to

B.   Click on the checklist arrow on the right hand side


C.   Select the ‘Create New Checklist’


D.   The first field that you fill out is the name of your checklist

E.    Click ‘Create Checklist’


F.    Then you are able to add individual task items that are related to your checklist

G.   Click ‘Done’ when you’re finished creating it


H.   To check off the items that are complete simply navigate to the empty box next to the item and click inside the box

I.     You will see a check mark in the box

J.    To add another item – click the plus sign on the right hand side


K.   To edit the individual items or the entire checklist – select the pencil icon on the right hand side

L.    Make the necessary changes and click the dark blue check mark

M.   To delete the items select the trash icon on the right hand side


N.   And click OK when asked “Are you sure you want to delete?”



Be sure to download the article that's attached to this tutorial