Filter Your Plan Data

You can filter your plan for the information that is most important to you. While we're going to use List View as our example below, please note that these filters are also available in the Gantt, Metric, and MultiPlan Views.

Filtering in List View

1.   You will first you want to select the plan that you want to work on

2.   Click on the List view on the right hand side

3.   On the top you will see the filtering options


4.   On the top portion you can see 8 different field boxes and four check boxes to the bottom right


5.    You can filter by the ‘Item Title’ - such as a particular name of a plan card item


6.    The ‘Status’ field allows you to search by the status of the card items

7.   A lot of our clients use this field to search for items that are off track and at risk of not being complete in order to allocate their time and resources to fix any real time problems in order to achieve their goals


8.   The ‘Level’ field allows you to filter by levels

9.     A lot of times when you are reporting to the Board, they want to see the overall Department or Initiatives


10.   If you add any tags to your plan, you will be able to type in the tag name and all the tagged items will come up. For example, you filter out all card items that are high priority


11.   You have an option to focus on the items that start in the next 7 and/or 30 days or the last 7 and/or 30 days


12.    You can see the items that are due in the next 7 and/or 30 days or in the last 7 or 30 days


13.  The ‘Assigned To’ field allows you to search the items that belong to specific assigned to users

14.   This way you can see who is working on what items in this plan


15.   The ‘Members’ field allows you to search for specific members that are part of the card items in that plan


16.   Under the ‘Other Filters’ you have four more options, such as:

  • Show parking lot items
  • Show all supporting items of filter results (the supporting items )
  • Show only past due items
  • Show only items with late updates


17.   Once you are done customizing your filters you can download the report


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