Request a Progress Update

Request a Progress Update

AchieveIt allows you to request updates at any time on plan items to get feedback from your team on how the work is progressing.

How to Request an Update

A.   Select the plan item that you want to request a progress update for

B.   Upon opening the plan item's details, navigate to the timeline section and click on the 'Request Update' button



C.   Select the time period that you would like an update for 

D.   Provide any guidance or commentary for why you're requesting an update in the "Reason for this update request" comment field 

E.   If you would like an email notification to be immediately delivered to the Assigned to User, check the 'Immediately send an email' option beneath the comment field 



F.   The update request will immediately post to the plan item's timeline, and the Assigned to User will receive an email notification