Alignment, Edit

Changing the Alignment of a Plan Card

If you decide to move an item in your plan, you can do so two ways: drag and drop in the Tree View OR change the alignment within the plan card item.

Step 1: How move an item within your plan

A.   Navigate to the item you wish to edit. Once you have opened the card, click on the last tab called ‘Alignment’


B.   After selecting, you will be given the plan where the item falls under, along with where in the plan it’s aligns to


C.   Hover over where the item aligns to, then click on the pencil icon


D.   Click in the field to have the dropdown menu appear with a list of all the items in the plan to choose from

E.    Select where you want to align the item and it will save automatically

F.    Once you close out of the card, the item will realign within the plan