Understanding Licenses & User Types

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User Types Tutorial

AchieveIt has three different types of users. Below will outline what each user is allowed to view and any actions they are permitted to do.

  •  Full Access

Has permission to edit card items, add plans and access all the dashboards, including creating their own custom dashboards – and they are the only ones who have access to print out the reports

  •  Contributor

Has permission to view the plan(s) that they're a part of and are able to provide status updates for the items that they're a part of

  •  External Contributor   

Has permission to view “My Dashboard” and will receive emails to make progress updates for the items that they are a part of – they however, CANNOT see the organization’s plans

Within a Card Item, you can assign three levels of responsibility to each card:

  •  Assigned To

This user is the only one that will be receiving emails to make progress updates. Any license type can be the ‘Assigned To’ person. They however CANNOT edit a card item, unless they have Admin rights for that plan. 

  •  Members

This user is the supporting party that can make progress updates, add comments and upload documents – the members can be a specific individual, group of individuals or a team. They do not have the permission to edit a plan item or receive email reminders

  •  Admins

This user is the only one who can edit the plans details, such as changing the start and due dates. They also have the ability to update progress, add comments and upload documents. Only Full Access license types can be ‘Admins’ for a plan.

Within the User Profile Page, you can assign users to be:

  •  User Manager

Has the permission to add, edit or delete users for the organization. They can schedule email frequencies, but they DO NOT have any editing or plan building powers


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