All New: Subscription Page

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We are happy to announce the new Subscription page in the Admin section.

Note: This page is only accessible to User Managers and is display only.

On this page, details such as available and assigned users are available as well as seeing the dispersion of licenses across all available user types.

Subscription Model

An organization can now either be on the Named User or the User Type subscription model in the system. This will allow User Managers to manage their userbase more in line with how licenses have been purchased for their organization.

  • Named User - A pool of users that can be assigned any available user type.
  • User Type - A specific number of licenses for each user type is set.

License Count display

There are two different ways licenses are displayed on this page, which is based off the Subscription model set for your organization. Each view will show total licenses, available licenses, and assigned licenses across all User Types.

Note: AchieveIt Customer Success user licenses do not count against total number of licenses.

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Expiration section

If applicable, there will be a date set which will prevent logins into the system on the date displayed.

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