All New: Timeline View

Overview timeline pic.png

We are happy to announce the new version of the Gantt View, which we've renamed Timeline View.

This plan view has an updated look and feel along with the following new and improved features:

Chart & Column configuration

Much like the other filterable plan view, users will have the ability to customize the column and chart to give them that individualized look and feel for every plan.

  • Show/Hide Columns - Users will have the ability to choose and order the columns.
  • Viewable Chart area - Users have the ability to use the divider between the columns and the chart to allow more chart to be viewed or more columns.


Filtering options have been updated to reflect the same options offered in List and Metric View. The ability to expand and collapse the filter panel has been added to allow users more viewable area when viewing results.

Timeline Controls

timeline controls.png

The timeline controls will help users show more or less time range depending on the duration of their plan and plan items. Another useful feature is having the ability to turn on or off the display for dependencies on the chart.

Download to PDF

We've introduced new setting options for downloading the Timeline View as a PDF. Now you can customize the amount of items and the time range that shows on the PDF

download timeline options.png