Timeline View

The Timeline View gives users an easy way to get clear visibility of dates and timeframes for a plan. This view is also great for managing deadlines, tracking progress, and seeing the connections of the dependencies set within the plan.

timeline button location.png

Viewing a Plan

When a user toggles to the Timeline View, they will see the default columns and the chart that displays the time ranges for the items in a plan. This view is configurable which will allow users to specifically show what relevant information they need.

Overview timeline pic.png

Show/Hide Columns

show hide button location.png

Users are able to select which columns they would like to display. The user also has control over the order of the columns as well. Once a user makes a change to the default columns, that column layout will remain for that user until another change to the layout is made. Here are some other column functions:

  • Sort columns
  • Resize columns

Column and Chart Divider

Users can adjust the divider between the columns and the chart giving control over more of the columns being shown or more of the chart. Users can also fully expand or collapse each section. Hovering over the divider will activate the expand/collapse button.

Expand and collapse timeline view.png

Configure Filters

timeline view filters.png

Users have the ability to filter on the same filter criteria present in the other filterable plan views, like List View. The following criteria can be searched on:

  • Item Name
  • Status
  • Assigned To
  • Level
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Members
  • Tags
  • Update Status
  • Additional Filters
    • Display Supporting Items of Returned Results
    • Include Items in the Parking Lot
    • Exclude Linked Items

Timeline Controls

Users can interact with the Timeline controls to customize the view of the chart. Users can zoom in and zoom out, reset to the default view, snap the view to include today, and show/hide dependencies.

timeline controls.png

  • Zoom In & Out
    • 10 levels of zoom allow users see long time ranges or get as granular as a day to day
  • Go to Today button
    • As users interact with the time range, clicking the Go to Today button will bring the user to that day's date on the chart. This is indicated on the chart with the dashed vertical line.
  • Show/Hide Dependencies
    • Dependencies will be displayed with a line connecting the two items that are dependent on one another. Users can now toggle on or off those lines on the chart.

Download to PDF

Users can download the Timeline View as a PDF. There are several options now available that will allow a user to customize the PDF view to fit their needs.

download timeline options.png

  • Time Range
    • This control will allow a user to choose either Visible or All. This would mean either the visible time range shown to the user would print or the entire time range for the plan would print. The entire time range would include the earliest Start Date and the latest Due Date in the plan.
  • Rows
    • This control will allow a user to choose either Visible or All. This would mean either the visible rows shown to the user would print or all of the rows which would include all the items.
  • Pagination
    • Single and multiple are the options for the pagination. Single would be printing the Time Range and Rows selections on a single page. Multiple would be printing the Time Range and Rows selections across multiple pages. 
  • Orientation
    • Landscape and Portrait and the page orientations offered to users in this selection