Metric View

Metric View

Metric View allows users to easily identify and review items that are tracking metrics in a plan. Metric View displays a widget for each plan item tracking a metric that can be customized based on the user's preference.

Select the Metric View button from your Plan View menu to get started:

Viewing Your Plan 

When a user toggles to the Metric View, they'll begin in a default state of widgets displaying for every item in the plan that is tracking a metric. Widgets will display our gauge chart.

Configuring Filters

Users can filter on the same criteria available in other filterable plan views, such as List View and Timeline View. The following criteria can be searched on:

  • Item Name
  • Status
  • Assigned To
  • Level
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Members
  • Tags
  • Update Status
  • Additional Filters
    • Display Supporting Items of Returned Results
    • Include Items in the Parking Lot
    • Exclude Linked Items


Setting Visualizations for Widgets

Users can set global chart visualizations for all widgets on the page. Users can choose between our standard Gauge, Column, Line or Status charts by selecting an option from the Global View menu in the top right-hand corner.

Up to 100 widgets can be displayed on the page at one time. If your plan has more than 100 items tracking metrics, you'll be able to toggle between pages by clicking the page number or next and back arrows in the bottom right-hand corner.

Users can also customize chart visualizations for single widgets. To customize an individual widget's chart, click the triple-dot button in the top right-hand corner of the widget. You'll then be able to select the desired chart type for the widget.

Download Options 

Users can download their Metric View as a PDF as well as a Timeline Report from the Download Menu.