All New: My Dashboard

My Dashboard overall for article.png

We are happy to announce the new My Dashboard page.

This dashboard has improvements with filtering as well as an updated design.

Dashboard Filter Options

The overall dashboard filters have been moved out of a single dropdown menu and located in a more accessible area. Users can filter between their Assigned Items, items they are a Member of, or showing all items where they have assigned a user to be the Assigned To User.

my dashboard main filter options.png

Secondary Filter Options - Assigned By Me

If the user is a plan admin and has assigned items to users, the Assigned By Me filter option will be present. Once the user selects that option, a secondary dropdown menu is displayed which will allow the user to further filter down the list by user. They have the option of selecting one user or a group of users.

Assigned by me interaction.gif

Customizing Column Layout

Users can now resize and reorder columns on My Dashboard. Users can still choose which columns they would like to display on their My Dashboard, which will remain the same every time they log into the platform.

custom columns My dashboard.png